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Is it necessary to have yoga experience in order to meet with a yoga therapist? What if I'm not flexible?

No, you do not need to be flexible or have any prior experience.  Yoga therapy is not the same as a yoga class, so there are no beginners or advanced levels.  This is completely individual work, adapted to your current condition.

How many sessions will I need with a yoga therapist?

That depends on your condition and your personal preferences.  The first session is in-depth, lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours, getting to know you and your situation.  Based on that session, you will have an initial take-home practice. I recommend at least 4 visits after that, to assess the effectiveness of the practice and to make any adjustments as needed. Some conditions will warrant further sessions; others may not.  Ultimately, it’s always up to you.

What if I can't get down on the floor – can I still come to yoga therapy?

A:  session in a chair, or even lying down.

What should I wear to a yoga therapy session?

You do not need any special “yoga clothes” for yoga therapy.  Just wear something that you can move comfortably in, preferably not tight around the waist.

What if I'm already receiving other treatments, like medical care, physical therapy, psychotherapy, nutritional guidance, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. Where does a yoga therapist fit in with all of these practitioners?

Yoga therapy is a beautiful complement to all other forms of treatment because it always treats the individual with the condition, not the condition in isolation.  So your yoga therapist may give you a practice which helps you cope with the feelings of anxiety and stress that accompany chronic illness.  Or offer a practice which enhances your physical therapy exercises by adding breath awareness and meditation. Or provide a daily ritual that you can use to dovetail with the work you are doing with a psychotherapist.

Where can I find a yoga therapist in my area?

In addition to an internet search, check with local yoga studios, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and outpatient integrated medical practices — yoga therapists often work directly with these kinds of practitioners.  Also check local health food stores and holistic living publications in your area — yoga therapists will advertise in these places.  Also, social media like Facebook is a great place to ask around and get people’s feedback on their experiences.  Definitely check out Viniyoga.com for a certified Viniyoga Therapist in your area.